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Revenue cycle management is a complete approach to the medical billing process. EIS provides medical billing on a variety of platforms wide-ranging of practice mate such as GE Centricity®, NextGen EPM, Medics, Kareo, Advanced MD, and e-Clinical Works, EMDs, practice fusion, and office ally.

Medical Billing service:

We healthier your billing cycle by the team. Single claim at a time…
  • Supreme reimbursement of your claims.
  • Recovery on your aged stability account receivable.
  • Electronic interchange of medical claims.
  • Large saving in your practice cost and theatrical improvement of your cash flow.
  • Failsafe fulfillment.

In totaling to processing your claims, our staff will be alert at spotting any problems in your office with favors to the proper preparation and transfer of billing information. This extra care guarantees you that no matter how confused your office becomes there is somebody watching the financial end of your practice.

Through rapidly changing medical billing needs and protocols, our staff provides safekeeping and confidence that, at all periods of your financial interests are being given full kindness they deserve, so that you can focus on what you do best i.e. Provided that quality health care.

EIS Medical Billing Service struggles to develop long-term relationships by earning confidence through dedication and results. We optimism that we have the prospect to provide our medical billing service to you.

Why effort with billers? Effort with the medical billing expert!
  • AR calling
  • Claims Management
  • Denial Management



Choosing and dealing EMR vendor is a staggering task for Medical Practices. Return on Asset is the key concern. As EIS, over the years, we got the honor of supervision Billing and document management tasks in more than 100 different EMR Systems

Our new EMR hassle free Billing service gives you an excessive advantage to power our expertise in using more than 100 EMR systems. We control our long vertical bond with EMR vendors and reward special price and care.


Enthusiastic AR Callers Control Insurance carrier’s full Business hours. Our team has an extraordinary understanding with the insurance carriers, which permits it to follow-up with the insurances on unpaid claims uncompromisingly to get paid earlier. Our team goes after the unpaid claims accurate over the insurances claim processing time Federal insurance in 14 business days & Commercial 20 business days. Our team alarms the Denial Management team on any denied claims to get them addressed within 24 to 36 hours.

  • Continuing on top of denying Claims by week after week
  • Forecast Collections a week gaining

We will take care of your Healthcare Claims processing activities as required by client Less than 36 hours TAT upon receiving super bills

You can save about 20-30% of your remaining cost or maintaining billing staff

We guarantee clean claim submission within 30 days from the date of services

Weekly invention report.

AR Package:

This package is considered to help our customers who are intense to outsource Account Receivables dispensationcomplicated in the Medical Billing

For every call- comprehensive Pt calling --- $0.75 per resolves

We make sure 300 Resolves per week. Inclusive Pt calling - Guaranteed

Or Calling @ $7.00 /hr. What you have Get?


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