Transcription Services

8 vital transcription hacks that you need to be taking advantage of!

It is easy to visualize the multiple benefits of transcription products, namely having the options to scale your content without having to do significant additional work.

Marketing & Advertising:

For instance, it could help with advertising and marketing leads when you ultimately use the transcribed text content into blogs, articles, online books, PDFs, etc.  Online marketing has exploded and is now as much, if not more, valuable than traditional marketing.  Advertising needs lots and lots of content in both forms, visual and textual.  Deploying your content with the additional effect of transcription should probably be one of the topmost value proposition for any kind of business organization.

Webinars & Conferences:

Since webinars and online conferences are more or less the norm these days for most businesses, getting them transcribed by professional transcription companies who also have the additional ability to convert the transcribed text into subtitles, will hugely boost the value of your business meetings and conversations, both internally as well as externally as part of promoting your content strategies.

Thus, a single format export can translate into traditional rolling benefits for use in various media without incurring any additional investment of time or cost.

Knowledge Transfer & Subtitles:

Transcription can also play a vital role for knowledge transfer, both within the organization as well as to the larger business community.  For instance, when you conduct a webinar that’s, say, a brainstorming session for a business management team from one branch, and if you believe that the discussion points and action plan is too important for your other staff members to not be aware of, all you have to do is get a professional transcription service to quickly transcribe your video or audio recordings and share the entire text with all the other relevant team members for easy reading.  Additionally, if it’s across geographies or if you have a workforce that’s of mixed races and languages, subtitling and captioning would be the best way to not only disseminate vital information but also make sure that everyone perfectly understands and follows the discussions.

Enhancing Value & Reach:

Easy-to-use transcribed versions of recordings or webinars can be sold or circulated for an external client base, based on the relevance, originality of thought, strategic ideas, etc.  When you know you’ve got great content, enhancing their reach and utility value will be best served by transcription of content.  Additionally, as explained above, subtitling always exponentially increases the marketability of your content.


The best part of transcription is that you can utilize the transcripts for training purposes within your team or project members.  No need for additional work in the form of content writers or industry-specific technical writers.  As long as your audio/video recordings are structured and can be understood without much effort, transcribing the content alone would be of immense value.

Textual Summarization:

Additionally, some transcription service providers also offer content management in the form of summarization of textual content from the raw transcript.  This can be very useful for financial companies, legal companies, and even the middle management or senior management of any organization.  When the seminars are lengthy and frequent, reading through the entire transcript of a 3-hour seminar or spending 3 hours to watch it might be tedious and arduous and might not be the best way for the managers and senior executives to spend their time.  Transcription summarization helps immensely in giving a clear-cut picture of what the seminar or discussion entailed – main items discussed, pending tasks, achieved objectives, goals, targets, and action plans.  Crisp, clear and concise, deploying summaries to add value for your content gets the best bang for the buck.  Of course, creating summaries out of transcribed content needs high-level domain expertise.  So you should be careful in selecting a professional transcription service with proven experience.  Some transcription companies even offer a free sample transcript, which would actually be quite helpful in assessing their ability.

Focus on Core Areas & Strengths:When you need to engage your employees and help improve their productivity and performance, identifying core areas and getting them to concentrate and work on core tasks would be the foremost logical step that any business manager would take.  Outsourcing your transcription work to a professional transcription company would immensely help you in the regard.  Transcribing audio or video content might sound like an easy task, but it is not.  It is not only heavily time consuming but also needs sharp ears and total focus on the dictation, speech or conversation.  If transcribing text is not your core area, then outsourcing is the best way to go since it will unnecessarily burden your staff with non-critical tasks, lengthen your delivery and project completion timelines, and basically slow your organization down without you even noticing it.  These types of professional outsourcing can boost your industry expertise by simplifying your work and saving you valuable time and money.

Helping Achieve Customer Satisfaction:There are services that exist that prepare your transcripts for you by certain deadlines.  For example, professional editors can ensure that your uploaded video or audio content is quickly transcribed and disseminated to select customers after attending a workshop or some educational conference.  Another advantage of transcription is that you can cater to various clients’ needs.  For instance, people can schedule their readings of a compiled PDF or other readable content formats according to their schedule much better than they can by watching a video or listening to audio recordings, such as while waiting for a train or a bus or by simply skimming through a few pages between meetings, etc.

The list goes on and on.  More such benefits of availing transcription services can be listed here, but the most important ones are given above.  What committed business organizations need to realize and be aware of is that transcription might currently be not even a tiny blip in their radar, but it is always an invaluable tool for their growth and prosperity.